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Lash Serum to Enhance & Moisturize Your Eyelashes


For those of us wrestling with false eyelashes, shelling out big cash for extensions and buying tube after tube of mascara to achieve dramatically long lashes, lash serums sound like a godsend. Who doesn’t want naturally fuller, sexier looking eyelashes?

However, nobody wants to waste money on yet another beauty product that doesn’t deliver on its promises. With so many different types of lash serums out there, it can be hard to parse out which ones live up to the hype. One tube might give you the lush flutterers you’ve always lusted for, while another might not be enough to correct the damage you’ve already done with your daily beauty routine.

Before we dive into the different types of products available, let’s take a look at what lash serums actually do.


Lash Serum 101

Think of lash serums as a sort of hair tonic for your eyelashes; your lashes are after all, made of hair. Women throughout history have used all sorts of products to achieve longer, thicker, shinier tresses — from coconut oil to stranger ingredients like mayonnaise and even placenta — so it’s not that much of a stretch to think that we would seek the same nourishment for our best eye accessory, the lash.

Many of the ingredients found in modern lash serums were found almost entirely by accident. In 1984, for example, a physician named Dr. Danielle Roches found that the same botanical cream she was using to soothe her patients’ burns had an added effect on their eyelashes. Ever the shrewd businesswoman, Dr. Roches marketed the formula as Talika, the first and only lash serum on the market for decades.

Fast forward to today and there are a dozens of lash serums all making a variety of claims for what they can and will do for your lashes. It’s easy to get swept up into to big cosmetic names and beautifully packaged products. But what’s really important is how safe are the ingredients in the lash serum. How long will you it take to notice results. And most important is, what do the actual users say about the product. Companies that stand behind their products are more than thrilled to share customer testimonials or user reviews.



It’s All In The Serum

If you want to know which lash serum is best you should look to the manufacturers ingredient list. First and foremost you should avoid putting anything on or near your eyes that could have an adverse effect. You only get one set of eyes and if you damage them with harsh chemicals that have no business in the sensitive area around your eyes, you will regret it.

When we think of our lashes we rarely think about moisture and hydration. But since it is hair, why wouldn’t we think of applying the same practices to our lashes as we do with the hair on top of our head. If you wear mascara, especially if you’re a false lash girl, you should be applying a lash serum to moisturize, condition and maintain lash health.

The growth cycle of our eyelashes is pretty short so if you choose to focus on growth that’s great, but lash appearance and health should be your primary concern. There are tons of mascaras that can enhance the appearance of length, if that’s what you desire. If your lashes are healthy and strong you will find that the look of your lashes with or without mascara is greatly enhanced after you’ve introduced a lash serum to your makeup routine. Before we get too deep into what a lash serum can do for you, let’s explore a few key ingredients that provide the best lash look.

On the surface you may think that all lash serums are created equal. However, when you get a deeper understanding of how a serum can protect and nourish your lashes, you’ll see that they are not.

How to Find the Right Eyelash Serum

  • Double check the ingredients. Not all eyelash serums are created equal – that includes price and formula choices, and it’s important to make sure that the company you’re buying from lists the ingredients on their website (such as Infinite Lash). Some of the ingredients you should watch out for include parabens, prostaglandins and any allergens that might bother you. You don’t want to put any chemicals near them that might damage them down the line, whether natural or man-made.
  • Read lots of user Reviews. When looking for any cosmetic product, it’s always a good idea to look at user reviews for unbiased opinions from consumers just like you. Check user reviews on your favorite beauty store websites, beauty forums and, of course, Instagram – the modern consumer is not afraid to cheer for what they love.
  • Pricing. This is a big factor, and as with so many brands — both big-name cosmetics companies and independent beauty businesses — competing in the space, you’ll encounter a variety of prices. This is why doing your research is so important. While it might seem like a deal to snag a $6 tube of eyelash serum on the clearance rack of your drugstore, that’s still $6 wasted if the product is a dud.

Making the Most of Your Lash Serum

Although the right lash serum will do wonders for stressed eyelashes; by helping them to look longer and more beautiful than before. There are plenty of ways to make your serum work even harder and achieve maximum eyelash drama. Here’s how you can maximize the return on investment from your eyelash serum:

Wear the right mascara.

From curling and adding volume to lengthening and separating, there’s a mascara for every kind of lash look you’d like to achieve. However, certain mascara formulas can be damaging to your eyelashes, especially if they require a sandblaster to remove at night. While waterproof mascara is indispensable on hot days and during weddings, some formulas can cause your eyelashes to fall due to excessive dryness. As usual, the call is buyer beware, sleeping in mascara is a great way to damage lashes. If you don’t thoroughly remove your mascara that means – you’re sleeping in it.


Be careful with your eyelash curler.

Curling your lashes can make your eyes instantly pop, as well as add a flirty, sexy effect to any eye look. Curling your eyelashes with bad technique can cause fallout and breakage or worse, you could really hurt yourself. Make sure that you curl your eyelashes before you apply mascara, while they’re still supple and less likely to break. Since heat can cause damage to any type of hair, try opting for a traditional eyelash curler as opposed to a heated curler. If you’re too in love with your heated curler to give it up, make sure to test the heat on another area of your body before putting it near your eye. Or you can try gently warming your lash curler with your blow dryer to get the heated effect without the potential for first or second degree burns.

Completely remove your makeup every night.

Removing your makeup every night is one of the most important steps you can take in protecting your eyelashes. Mascara and other eye makeup left on overnight can dry out your lashes, not to mention cause you to rub them more in the morning, pulling out your eyelashes in the process.

More than the unintentional shedding that is caused by rubbing, sleeping in your eye shadow and mascara is pretty horrible for your eyes. It can cause dryness, irritation and even increase your risk for infection. So if you’re rolling in after a long night of partying in your sexiest smokey eye look, take a few minutes to get every bit of makeup off your face before sleep. Your eyes (and skin) will thank you.


Get plenty of proteins and healthy fats in your diet.

Your eyelashes are hair, meaning they’re mostly made of protein and need a strong supply of it to maintain lash health. When your diet is low on protein, your body distributes the nutrient to your most vital organs to ensure they stay safe — and in the process, your eyelashes get neglected. Without protein, your eyelashes can’t build new cells, which is how they grow. Eating a protein-rich diet will keep your lashes healthy and strong.

In addition, healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, fish oil and flaxseed oil; or basically anything with omega 3 fatty acids or medium chain triglycerides all do wonders for hair and skin health. If you needed an excuse to pay for the extra guacamole, there you go! A handful of almonds or macadamia nuts can be the perfect healthy snack to help you get gorgeous hair and eyelashes.


While we’re on the topic of nutrition, please make sure to drink plenty of water. Not only is it good for basically every part of your body, but it also helps keep your skin and hair moist and supple. Proper hydration is the key to maintaining great internal health. If you don’t like the taste of water as is, try infusing your water with citrus or other fruit to add a little flavor and ensure you’re getting the proper amount of hydration from water.

Take your vitamins.

Most eyelash serums use vitamins to help improve your eyelashes, but it’s also important to get those vitamins internally through a balanced diet. A balanced diet will give you a great head start while also using the topical lash serum. Just knowing the first part of the alphabet can make a big difference! Vitamin C helps with blood and oxygen circulation, bringing a more even supply of nutrients to your eyelashes. Vitamin E is pretty much a beauty superhero, helping with all sorts of hair and skin issues. Your eyelashes are just one more great reason to make sure you’re eating your fruits and veggies.

Hands off!

We get it: rubbing your eyes, especially in the morning, is a strangely satisfying feeling — but it’s bad for your eyes as well as your lashes. Not only do you cause lash fall out and shedding, you can also cause infection or irritation if your hands are not clean. If your eyes itch, try patting them with a clean, damp towel or cotton pad instead of your hands for a gentler touch. If they continue to itch, consider trying artificial tears to restore moisture, and make sure you’re taking care of any allergies. Old habits die hard, but this is one bad habit you’ll want to nip in the bud sooner rather than later.


Moisturize your lashes.

At this point we definitely sound like a song on repeat – but moisture is the key to all hair looking its best. Whether your choice is a DIY concoction or a formulated serum you must moisturize, we can’t stress it enough. Daily moisture or conditioning of your lashes will take your lash look over the top and you’ll be so happy you did.

Be careful with falsies.

Even if you already have long, thick, healthy eyelashes, sometimes a set of false lashes can really take your look to the next level. Just remember that it takes time remove them, just as it took time to apply them. And there’s a trick to removing them without causing damage or irritation to your eyes. Be careful not to tug at your natural lashes when removing your fake lash strip. If you are wearing individual lash extensions you should allow them to grow off properly or return to the person or salon that applied them, in order to remove them without damaging your lashes.

Pay attention to the ingredients in the eyelash glue you’re using. If you’re allergic to latex, latex-based eyelash glues will cause you a world of trouble. Also, try opting for eyelash glues with natural ingredients, and avoid common additives like formaldehyde.


Achieving Great Lengths with Lash Serums

Simply put, many eyelash serums absolutely deliver on the hype, helping you to produce healthy, supple more voluminous eyelashes over time. That said, not all serums are created equal. We’re big believers that anything you put near your eyes should be healthy and safe, as well as effective. Be a diligent consumer and do your homework, the products you use on a daily basis should become part of your lifestyle not a drag to deal with.

Infinite Lash is an eyelash serum that combines our exclusive Oculsana® Complex and a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, natural botanicals and polypeptides to condition your eyelashes and help them appear thicker, shinier and more voluminous than you imagined. Follow our Instagram for Infinite Lash photos, reviews and success stories from women just like you. If you’re ready for more beautiful lashes, order Infinite Lash online today!

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