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How Does It Work?

INFINITE LASH helps your lashes reach their full potential.

Did you know that only about 24% of your eyelashes ever reach full length? That’s because your lashes will sustain damage from curling, cleansing, wearing makeup and encountering environmental elements over time.

INFINITE LASH Eyelash Enhance Serum is an effective lash conditioner that will dramatically amplify the beauty of your natural eyelashes. Infused with our exclusive OCULSANA™ COMPLEX and a super antioxidant cocktail of vitamins and botanicals, this essential elixir will revitalize the look and feel of your own lashes.

Each ingredient was specifically chosen for the special role it plays in helping create the ideal environment for healthy lashes to thrive.

  • grapeseed stem cell extract provides natural anti-oxidant protection for lashes, delicate skin around the eyes and follicles from environmental damage
  • white tea contains polyphenols, which help eliminate free radicals
  • hyaluronic acid restores hydration & helps retain optimal moisture
  • hydrolyzed wheat protein adds volume and improves smoothness for stronger, shinier lashes
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