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Eyelashes Falling Out : 3 Enemies of Healthy Lashes

eyelashes falling outWe all want beautiful lashes.  We buy the best products and use the best tools.  However, some of the most acceptable practices can actually ruin the health of our lashes. If you find your eyelashes falling out, it is time to take a look at what you may be doing to cause it. Examine the list below on how to keep your lashes healthy and you will be surprised to see how much damage they get without us knowing. Here’s the list:

1. Eyelash extensions

You may have heard about what happened to Kristen Chenoweth. She’s probably the most famous person who ever talked about having issues with eyelash extensions. She said that the glue contained formaldehyde which irritated her eyes.

It is true that there are substances that you can find in eyelash glue which you could be allergic to. However, the sad thing is not all manufacturers list those substances on their labels; which leaves customers having to try one brand of glue after another.

In addition to allergic reactions, proper removal is also important.  If eyelash extensions are not removed properly, you may notice eyelashes falling out.

2. Clogged follicles

There is no way that your eyelash follicles should be clogged. How does it even happen? Clogged follicles can cause inflammation of the eyelids, leaving the clogged part without an eyelash. This normally results to having a sty. This means, you might be left to wear a pair of sunglasses to hide it.

It isn’t that serious as it will get healed eventually, but you will feel irritated by it. You may not be able to stop yourself from rubbing your eyes due to irritation, which results in more lashes falling off than those in the irritated area.

Clogging could be a result of poor hygiene. That is having used unhygienic materials when applying false lashes, or rubbing them with dirty fingers. There could be numerous other reasons.

3. Mascara dries out lashes and make them brittle

Just like our hair (on the head), our lashes get brittle, too. And the very culprit causing it could be our favorite mascara ? specifically; a waterproof one. Waterproof mascaras make our lashes drier than non-waterproof mascara. Our lashes need moisture to remain healthy.

Our lashes have a growth cycle which is three months. It means that our lashes could fall after 90 days and it will take about 2 months to have fully-grown new ones. So if you are using mascara often, you are delaying the growth of new lashes and speeding up the eyelashes falling out.

Now that you know the enemies of healthy eyelashes, it’s time to get introduced to their allies. Don’t forget that aside from making you look good, your lashes are there to protect your eyes from any foreign object. Before dust particles reach your eye, your lashes have already sent a signal to your muscles to close your eyes. In short, they protect you from becoming blind or from suffering irritation from anything that would harm your eyes. So it’s very important to know proper care and prevention practices that you can assist in maintaining their health.

Below is a list of best practices for eyelash health:

1. If you really want to wear extensions, only work with licensed aestheticians. Eyelash extensions are a little bit complicated since they have to attach the temporary lashes one at a time. It would normally take about one to two hours to complete.

This procedure is very delicate since licensed aestheticians have to make sure that the glue that they are using does not make contact with your eyelids, or they will get irritated.

You would pay more for having eyelash extensions compared to using a set of false eyelashes. The only advantage is that you can sleep with them.

2. You would probably look better if you have your mascara on, but don’t have it on too often. If you really have to use it, apply ordinary mascara first. It does not make your lashes dry compared to waterproof products.  After applying ordinary mascara for the first layer, follow up with the waterproof one. What does this do?

This means that your lashes will have direct contact with the mascara that does not dry them much. Plus, it is easier to remove since the first layer does not have so much friction compared to the first layer.

With this option, you can enjoy having waterproof mascara without compromising the health of your lashes.

3. If wearing a pair of falsies, don’t sleep on them. The more your natural lashes are exposed to glue, the more susceptible they are  to damage. And when removing them, use a false lash remover or a makeup remover to do so. Pulling the falsies by force will just pull off some natural lashes with them. Thus, premature falling.

False lash remover can actually help remove most of the glue that you have used for your falsies. This will ensure that complications will be avoided.

4. Find a reputable false lash glue if you are wearing falsies. It was mentioned earlier that some manufacturing companies do not really disclose harmful contents like formaldehyde or latex in their glues. These are the common contents which people are allergic to.

But still, even if you are using that reputable glue, be careful in applying it. Apply it as far from your natural lash roots as possible.

5. Too much of something is not always a good thing. Let your eye lashes grow by not using mascara, false eyelash strips, or extensions altogether. Use them only for special occasions. This will give your lashes time to become stronger. You can also Infinite Lash to help them become healthier.

Your lashes are as important as the hair on your head, you should take the very best care of them that you can. Our hair when exposed to too much chemical, perming, or ironing, will become dry or even change its color which is an indication of poor of health. The hair fall rate will become faster if the damage continuous. So give it a break.

We all want to look good and feel confident about ourselves. But don’t trust that lengthened and thickened eyelashes beyond what is natural will necessarily do the job. It is the way you feel about yourself that really matters. So who cares if you are not that tall, or if you don’t have deep-seated eyes? It is your company after all which makes genuine people happy and attracted to you and not your looks.  Be good to yourself. Be good to your eye lashes, and everything else will fall in place. Enjoy!

Did you know that only about 24% of your eyelashes ever reach full length? That’s because your lashes will sustain damage from curling, cleansing, wearing makeup and encountering environmental elements over time.

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