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Eyelash Tinting – How to Get Dark, Lush Lashes


Nothing makes your eyes pop quite like a coat of mascara, but it’s not the best for your lashes — and let’s face it, removing it at the end of the day is a drag. Eyelash tinting can give you long-lasting lash drama without smudging, running, clumping or daily fuss. What blonde or redhead hasn’t fantasized about rolling out of bed with a set of jet-black lashes? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to impress that hottie at the gym, but no waterproof mascara is strong enough to withstand leg day. If so, eyelash tinting may be for you.

With eyelash tinting, a salon professional carefully applies a special dye to your eyelashes so that you can enjoy weeks of darker lashes, with or without mascara. We were curious about what eyelash tinting entails, so we spoke with four beauty experts about the process. How long does eyelash tinting last? How much does it cost? Is it the same dye you would use on your hair?

From their responses, it seems like eyelash tinting is a relatively safe, quick and affordable way to draw attention to your eyes. But first, they had to sell us on the benefits.


Top 3 Benefits of Eyelash Tinting


  1. Blonde or ginger? Save on your mascara budget. Kathleen Jennings, CEO and Founder of BeautyNow, a beauty appointment booking app, swears by eyelash tinting: “I have blonde lashes, so the thought of not having to put on mascara every morning was a major advantage! I just wanted to add an extra level of definition to my eyes without the hassle. With lash tinting, you do not get the fullness or extra length that comes with mascara, but you get  just enough definition for your eyes to be appropriate for daytime. This could be a good thing for me — I’m always thinking my lashes aren’t long enough! And then I see a picture of myself, and I am approaching Tammy Faye territory.” Latoya Turner, Owner of Eye Deux, Inc, a Virginia Beach beauty studio that specializes in all things eyelashes, agrees: “Eyelash tinting is great for natural blondes! This is really for anyone whose lashes are lighter than the rest of their hair and want their lashes to be noticeable without the help of mascara or eyelash enhancements.”However, even brunettes can get in on the game. “The benefit of this service is that it looks like you have mascara on 24/7,” says Suzette Zuena, owner and Master Lash Artist at Lash House Beauty Boutique, “it definitely makes a blonde or even a darker haired person with lighter tips look as if their lashes grew longer.”Already have lush, black lashes – Lucky! You might be sporting raven eyelashes right now, but no one can escape time, and the hair on your head isn’t the only hair on your body susceptible to going gray. Your eyebrows and eyelashes can also get the salt and pepper treatment. That’s where eyelash tinting can help your face stay youthful, says Amy Townsend, a licensed aesthetician. “My clients who seem to benefit most from eyelash tinting are those who have light colored lashes, or graying lashes. It definitely makes the lashes that are there more visible.”
  2. Eyelash tinting is quick and inexpensive.“The whole lash dye process took only 15 minutes, and was pretty pampering,” says Jennings. “The dye does have to set into your lashes. I would totally do it again  — so worth the time and money! ”Eyelash tinting is a great way to quickly get darkened lashes that last — but how affordable is eyelash tinting? “It typically lasts for 2 to 5 weeks, and costs between $10 and $20,” says Jennings. That’s less than the price of a manicure, but the effects last longer.
  3. Forget the bikini body. It’s all about the bikini eyelashes.Eyelash tinting is like Aphrodite’s’ gift to beach bums. Townsend sees a lot of business when the sun’s out: “Many of my clients get their lashes tinted more frequently in the summer because they feel like they can get in a pool and swim, or wake up in the morning, and still feel like they have some color to their eyelashes without having to wear mascara. ”Of course, this works out well for Turner, given that her studio is located in a popular beach town. “The studio has had an increase in eyelash tinting due to being close to the ocean and ladies want to have noticeable lashes without the mess of running mascara,” she says. “Some opt to have the additional service of an eyelash perm so that they can have the curl and darkness to their natural lash, again without applying mascara or using a lash curler.”



Can You Perform Eyelash Tinting At Home?


All four eyelash gurus we spoke to were unanimous about the risks of performing home eyelash tinting. While Townsend had her eyelashes tinted multiple times before becoming a beauty professional, what she’s learned in the process of becoming an aesthetician has reinforced the importance of having an experienced professional work on your eyelashes.

“Choose a professional who is trained to tint brows and lashes, and who has experience tinting,” says Townsend. “I loved eyelash and eyebrow tinting services before I became a skincare professional, but I also learned that you have to be very careful working with color around the delicate eye area. This is definitely not something to experiment with on yourself at home!”

For one, you might not be using the right salon-grade products. “The best way to tint the natural lashes is to have a professional do it,” says Turner. “This is not recommended to be done at home. There are tints specially made for the eyelashes, which are not as harsh as hair dye.”

Even if you do manage to purchase the right tools, you still run the risk of serious eye damage, not to mention staining around the eyes. “The best way to tint your lashes would definitely be to see a professional,” says Zuena. “This is definitely not a service you want to apply on yourself, since it is a semi-permanent dye which can cause eye irritation if not done properly. Tinting lashes can get messy and leave a line around the eye area looking like smudged eyeliner for the duration of the tint. We apply a barrier cream on the skin around the eyelash and gently apply the tint to just the lashes to avoid the permanent raccoon eye look.”

Instead of standing in your bathroom, awkwardly trying to dye your own lashes, think of your salon experience as a form of pampering (you deserve it!). Zuena is serious about ensuring that her clients are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure: “The experience for the client should be a relaxing one, where they are lying down comfortably with their eyes closed during the whole procedure.”


What Does the Eyelash Tinting Process Look Like?


We were curious as to what the eyelash tinting experience is like, both for the customer and for the aesthetician. Townsend walked us through the entire process, step by step:

  1. Your artist cleans your eyelids and lashes. Any time someone touches your face, hygiene is of the utmost importance — and that goes double for your eyes. Your aesthetician should make sure that the hair to be tinted is completely cleaned. The tint will not adhere as well to hair that has oil or makeup on it. “I typically wash the eye area with a very mild facial cleanser on a gauze 4×4 pad, obviously avoiding getting cleanser directly in the eye, and then wash the eye area off with a moistened cotton 4×4 pad,” says Zuela.
  2. Your artist mixes your desired eyelash tint. One of the coolest things you might not have known about eyelash tinting is that it’s not all one uniform black shade. You can specify how dark you want your lashes. Want a bit of pop without looking like you’re wearing mascara? Ask your artist for a lighter tint. You can even ask for eyelash colors not found in nature, as Townsend explains: “Next, I mix my color and developer solution, so that the color has time to develop before it is applied to the eyelashes. The mixture has to be thick enough to stick to the lashes, and not run into the eyes. Most clients prefer black tint, but have also done navy blue and purple, which can be very attractive.”
  3. Your artist applies petroleum jelly or cream to the surrounding area to prevent staining. After all, you want to tint your eyelashes — not the rest of your face. Townsend explains the process: “While the color is developing for a few minutes, I apply a gentle occlusive product, such as petroleum jelly or one of my more emollient eye creams, around the eye area with a cotton swab, again avoiding getting any product into the actual eye area. This forms a barrier on the skin, so that the tint does not stain the skin directly around the eyelashes. I use some of the barrier cream that I used around the eyelashes to help eye pads stay in place under the eyes, to prevent any skin staining.”
  4. Let’s get tinting! Once your eyes are prepped and your color is ready, it’s time to get that beautiful dark flutter. “Finally, I use a very fine makeup brush, similar to an eyeliner brush, to paint the tint onto the lower eye lashes,” continues Townsend. “It is important to make sure that the color is applied from the root of the lash to the tip. If you don’t get the color close enough to the root of the lash, you will have a distinct demarcation line that doesn’t look appealing. The key is to get the tint as close to the waterline of the eye, without getting any tint in the eye.“I have the client leave their eyes open while I apply the color to the lower lashes, as they are next to impossible to reach once the eyes are closed. Having the client look up usually helps them to not blink and accidentally spread the tint into the eye. Once both bottom sets of lashes are done, I paint the upper lashes in the same way as the lower ones, but I then have the client close their eyes and then I paint the color onto the outside of the upper lashes while they keep their eyelids closed and the color processes. It usually takes about ten minutes for the color to process.”
  5. Time for cleanup. The experts agree that proper cleanup is a crucial step to avoid the look of a black eye. “Once the color has processed, I use a damp cotton 4×4 to remove as much of the color from the lashes as possible,” says Townsend. “I then have them open their eyes, and clean up any remaining tint with moistened cotton swabs. Then I remove the protective eye pads from under the eyes, and clean the client’s eye area up, removing any leftover barrier cream from around the eye.”
  6. Admire your eyelashes, and repeat the process if needed. It’s good to know that if you’re not in love with your new eyelash color, you can always go back in the chair. “I have my clients look at their lashes with a mirror and make sure that they are pleased with the color,” says Townsend. “If not, we make any changes that are needed (darken or lighten). I always apply a lightweight, hydrating eye gel around the eye area once the tinting is completed to help soothe the eyes.”


And that’s it! Compared to other eyelash enhancements, like eyelash extensions, the experience of eyelash tinting is pretty quick and simple, as long as your aesthetician has plenty of training and experience. After spending fifteen minutes in the salon, you’re ready to greet the world with a gorgeous set of dark eyelashes.

Of course, for added drama, you can always add a coat or two of your favorite mascara. It’s important to note that eyelash tint will not lengthen or thicken your natural eyelashes – tint just colors the lashes, so if you want added oomph you’re still going to want to apply mascara. Eyelash tinting can sometimes make your lashes appear longer or thicker simply because they were harder to see in the first place, but you can always go even bigger with a strip of false lashes or high-drama mascara.


Getting More From Your Lashes


While eyelash tinting is one way of making your lashes look more beautiful without makeup, you can enhance the effect with eyelash serum. Taking care of your lashes no matter what your regular beauty routine includes is an important factor in ensuring that your lashes always look their best. Infinite Lash eyelash serum works to condition your lashes making them more flexible and supple. Supple, bendable natural lashes are key to pulling off most if not all glamorous lash looks. Most of our eyelashes don’t see their full potential, as many factors can interrupt the natural eyelash growth cycle. Inadequate nutrition or hydration, cosmetics like mascara or false eyelash adhesive, and even rubbing your eyes at night can cause damage to your eyelashes — including breakage or fallout.

Infinite Lash can help rejuvenate your natural lashes with the nutrients and moisture they crave. With a combination of botanicals, vitamins and polypeptides, Infinite Lash conditions your lashes so that they can reach their full beauty potential. After all, you condition the hair on your head — why not your eyelashes? Order Infinite Lash online to see how healthy your eyelashes can be, or see our Store Locator to find Infinite Lash near you.

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