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Beauty Tips: 16 Time Saving Secrets

beauty tipsYou were out all night and have gotten home late. Morning came and you realize you have overslept! Now you are in panic mode for getting ready for work, getting ready for a lunch meeting, or getting ready to hangout with friends. You start to frantically rummage  through your things and don’t know where or how to start.

Here are some helpful beauty tips on how to save time in your daily beauty routine when you are in a hurry:

Beauty Tip #1. Dry shampoo it

No time to shampoo? Just use a dry shampoo. Spray some dry shampoo on your roots. This will absorb the excess oil on your scalp, preventing your hair from looking greasy throughout the day. Just brush your hair to distribute the dry shampoo all over your head.

Beauty Tip #2. Comb in the shower

To save time from your combing routine, bring a wide-toothed comb in the shower. Remove tangles of your hair after applying conditioner. This way your hair is still soft and easy to detangle.

Beauty Tip #3. Do the wave

If you suddenly find your hair unmanageable one morning and have no time to blow-dry your hair, don’t worry. You can live for a day without it.  Just part your hair in half making 2 pigtails. Twist them into buns and do your other must-dos. You can prepare breakfast or do your makeup. Then just before leaving the house, remove your buns. You’ve got instant waves for the day.

Beauty Tip #4. Reorganize

Did you wake up to find your dresser in chaos? Reorganize your stuff. The products that you often use should be easily seen.  Throw away expired makeup and skincare products. Clear away the clutter.  Prepare a go-to makeup bag. Make sure the basics are in there like a neutral, earth-tone eye shadow. No need to bring an orange eye shadow. Stick with the basics. If you are really in a rush, you can just grab this bag and put on your makeup later.

Beauty Tip #5. Use multi-tasking products

You are running late and have no time to apply moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation. Use BB cream (CC and DD creams are also good options).  The alphabet creams are makeup and skincare products presented in a single bottle. Just apply this to your face and you are all set. Not only does your skin look flawless but you are also protected.

Beauty Tip #6. 2 in 1

You have too many shades of eye shadow to choose from and you are in a rush and have little time to do your makeup. Keep calm and choose a bronzer. Apply a bronze shade to the apples of your cheeks. Use the same shade as your eye shadow, doing so reduces the time it takes to figure out choosing eye shadow shades. Another double duty makeup item is a lip and cheek tint. Get rosy cheeks and lip stain in an instant. It’s a quick fix without sacrificing beauty.

Beauty Tip #7. Go ombré

Save time in going to the salon. Get an ombré hair color instead of the traditional hair color. The hair color style of an ombré fades from dark to light. It is darker from the roots and gets lighter down to the tips. With this hair color style, you do not need to go to the salon as often as you need with a traditional hair color. No regular touch ups needed since the root color is or is close to your natural hair color. Not only do you save time but you also save money.

Beauty Tip #8. Choose a light colored moisturizing lipstick

Dark lipsticks need extra care when applying to your lips. It has to be well defined. There are times you even need to use a lip liner to outline your lips. Use light colored lipsticks to save time. It is easier to apply and not to mention, makes you look younger. You can also skip your trusty lip balm if your lipstick is moisturizing enough.

Beauty Tip #9. Start with the eyes

When doing your makeup, start with the eyes. Apply your eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. That way whatever falls under the eye such as powder from the eye shadow, you can just wipe it off. A cream eye shadow will work best too to avoid any powder from falling under the eye.

Beauty Tip #10. Tissue support

Applying mascaras can be time consuming especially when smudges occur. It can be difficult to apply mascara to your lower lashes. That is why a tissue can come in handy. Place a tissue under your lower lashes. That way any excess mascara will just go on the tissue and not on your face. If in case, some mascara gets on your skin, do not wipe off immediately. Let it dry and use a cotton swab to remove the mascara. You will notice how easy it is to pick up hardened mascara. It is faster to wait for your mascara to dry up than retouch your concealer or foundation.

Beauty Tip #11. Cut it short

Try having a short do. Think about it, if you have long hair you take more time in the shower. You need to shampoo and wash it off longer. Long hair takes time to dry. It also takes time to brush long locks. If you have short hair, you spend less time in the shower. Short hair dries faster and is easier to comb. You can even get away without combing your hair and go for a messy look.

Beauty Tip #12. Prime your eyes

To avoid eye shadow reapplication during the day, use an eye primer before applying eye shadow. Eye shadow base will let your eye shadow last all day and prevent it from creasing. It can also make your eye shadows more vibrant.

Beauty Tip #13. Use white eye liner

If you do not have much time and you need to brighten up your eyes instantly, use white eye liner on the bottom inner rims. This technique can make your eyes look more awake and bigger since it extends the whites of the eyes.

Beauty Tip #14. Stick on your polish

Do not have the time to apply nail polish and let it dry? Use stick on’s! There is no need to wait in the nail salon patiently while your nail art is being done. There are a lot of nail polish stickers available in the market – from solid colors to nice funky prints.

Beauty Tip #15. Use scotch tape

Are you having a hard time drawing the perfect cat eye? Try using a piece of scotch tape as a guide while you draw your eyeliner or apply your eye shadow. This will help you get balanced and even angles of the wing for both eyes. Just place the scotch tape on the corner of your eye and angle it the way you want it, at the end of the eyebrows is usually the best.

Beauty Tip #16. Gel polish

Do you have such an active lifestyle that your nail polish does not even last a day? Avoid chipping with gel polish. It does not take as long as acrylic nails to apply, but it takes a little bit more time than regular nail polish. It will last for about 2 weeks or longer, so you do not have to keep returning to the nail salon. It is especially perfect if you have various events to attend in a week.

Saving some time on beauty routine does not mean you have to sacrifice your looks. Cutting short on some routines can actually save time and money without having your beauty routine suffer. Now that you know some time saving beauty tips, go ahead and try them. It’s a beauty routine cut short without sacrificing quality.

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