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Eye Care:

Best Eyelash Care for Winter

  We all want to be bundled up drinking something warm during cold winter months.  Unfortunately, hibernation is not an option for most of us so we have to continue our normal beauty routines to maintain our desired look.  In determining the best eyelash and eyebrow care there are several factors that we should consider. […]


Cruelty Free Beauty

Trends in the the world of beauty are constantly changing. One of the most significant changes has been the move toward products that are safe for the consumer, the environment, and produced in laboratories that have cruelty free practices. Brock Beauty is no exception. We are constantly working on our formulas and packaging to ensure […]

Eyelash Care:

Lashes To Fall In Love With

  Lashes, those beautiful, bendable and hopefully bountiful tiny little hairs that protect our eyes. We love them! Unfortunately, due to genetics or neglect, not all of us have enviable lashes. Your lashes are very delicate but surprisingly resilient considering the amount of damage that we do with mascara, curling, falsies and whatever other beauty […]

Eyelash Care:

Eyelash Serum to Condition and Protect Lashes

    Lashes, those beautiful coverings of our most delicate organ – the eye. The eyelash serves many purposes, the most important of course is to provide protection for our eyes along with our eyelids. Although, if you ask most of us we’ll say the most important job of the eyelash is to accentuate our […]

Eye Care:

Lash Serum to Enhance & Moisturize Your Eyelashes

For those of us wrestling with false eyelashes, shelling out big cash for extensions and buying tube after tube of mascara to achieve dramatically long lashes, lash serums sound like a godsend. Who doesn’t want naturally fuller, sexier looking eyelashes? However, nobody wants to waste money on yet another beauty product that doesn’t deliver on […]

Eye Care:

The Skinny On Eyelash Extensions

Take a walk down the beauty aisle of any drugstore, and you’ll see dozens of eyelash products, all promising length and volume. Mascaras, serums, fake lashes, overnight treatments…the list goes on and on. Researchers from Procter & Gamble say that 40 percent of mascara users are “volume seekers” – the average woman applies six strokes […]

Eye Care:

Eyelash Curling Do’s and Don’ts — How to Curl Eyelashes Without Pain or Fallout

  Eyelash curlers may look like medieval torture devices, but once you learn how to curl eyelashes correctly, they start to feel more like a secret weapon. They’re the finishing touch to any dramatic makeup look, even if you’re rocking a “no-makeup” makeup look or rolling out au naturale, a pop of the eyelash curler […]

Eyelash Care:

Eyelash Tinting – How to Get Dark, Lush Lashes

Nothing makes your eyes pop quite like a coat of mascara, but it’s not the best for your lashes — and let’s face it, removing it at the end of the day is a drag. Eyelash tinting can give you long-lasting lash drama without smudging, running, clumping or daily fuss. What blonde or redhead hasn’t […]

Eye Care:

How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow: Learn These Awesome Hacks

Are you in search of how to make your eyelashes grow?  Like the hair on your scalp. eyelashes naturally grow in cycles and have a genetically determined growth phase which determines the full potential your lashes can reach.  However, only about 24% of your eyelashes ever reach full length? That’s because your lashes will sustain damage […]

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